Canadian Aesthetics Congress 2024

CBAM Event App (Whova)

CBAM Event App, powered by Whova, is a comprehensive guide to navigating and maximizing your event experience. The app, which is available for download, comes loaded with a range of features designed to enhance your participation:

  • Event Logistics: Easily access important information such as the event location, parking details, nearby dining, accommodation options, and transportation.
  • Agenda and Scheduling: View the detailed event agenda and customize your personal schedule to ensure you don’t miss important sessions.
  • Document and Photo Access: Obtain all documents and photos shared by event organizers, speakers, and sponsors/exhibitors.
  • Photo Sharing: Share your memorable event moments through the app’s photo sharing feature.
    Exhibition Hall Navigation: Access the event’s floorplan and locate each sponsor/exhibitor’s booth with ease.
  • Sponsor/Exhibitor Promotions: Learn about promotional offers and information related to event sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Networking: Find out who else is attending the event and connect with other participants ahead of time to plan meet-ups during coffee breaks, lunch hours, or even post-job openings.
  • Live Updates: Receive real-time updates about last-minute changes to sessions directly from the organizers.
  • Offline Navigation: Navigate the event’s logistics and agenda even without Wi-Fi or data connection.
  • Enhanced Networking: Explore attendee profiles, send messages, and plan whom to meet by leveraging the app’s networking features.
  • Interactive Participation: Engage with the event activities by liking sessions, Q&A, commenting, rating, participating in live polls, tweeting, and more.

To use the app, download it and sign up with the email address you used to register for this event. Ensure you choose a strong password for security. If you require further assistance or guidance on using the Whova app, please contact us at

Embrace the full potential of the Whova app and enjoy a more productive event experience.

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