5-Peri-Orbital & Tear Trough Rejuvenation

Periorbital & Tear Trough Rejuvenation Master Workshop

This Workshop presents an all-encompassing educational opportunity for healthcare professionals seeking to expand their knowledge in the field of tear trough and periorbital aesthetic medicine. This masterclass delves into various aspects of the discipline, providing an in-depth understanding of relevant anatomy, patient assessment and consultation, treatment alternatives, management of complications and adverse events, and insightful case studies.

Our goal is to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary expertise to safely and effectively perform tear trough and periorbital aesthetic medicine treatments, catering to both novice and experienced practitioners.

Led by a team of accomplished CBAM instructors, this workshop promises a robust learning experience, ensuring that attendees develop the skills required to excel in this specialized area of aesthetic medicine.

Program Outline

I. Introduction
Workshop overview and goals
II. Facial Anatomy
Basics of structure and aging effects
III. Treatments & Technologies
Current treatments, injections, and non-invasive options
IV. Maximizing Results
Communication, planning, and post-care
V. Live Demonstrations
Technique observation and feedback
VI. Q&A Session
Queries and real-world cases
VII. Conclusion
Key takeaways and final recommendations.

Top Moments from this Master Workshop of 2023


Overview of the course and its objectives
A brief explanation of the Tear Trough and periorbital Master Workshop
Importance of managing complications

Training Content

Detailed Explanation of the Tear Trough & Periorbital Master Workshop
Discussion of the management of vascular complications
Overview of the Hyalase protocol
Live demonstrations on Cadaver and models

Conclusion and Summary

Summary of key takeaways from the course
Final thoughts from the instructor
Opportunities for further training and development.

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The schedule and the final list of speakers are subject to change.