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Why Exhibit at the Canadian Aesthetics Congress?


Launch and Highlight Your Products

Capitalize on our global platform to introduce new products, showcasing their functionality and benefits. This Congress serves as a fertile ground to generate curiosity and drive consumer interest.


Maximize Exposure, Gain Recognition

Leverage our thoughtfully designed event layout for maximum exposure, enjoy high-profile recognition across diverse communication platforms, and indulge in an immersive experience through General Admission Passes.


Elevate Your Brand: Connect, Showcase, and Amplify Visibility

Connect with high-profile professionals, showcase your products, and enjoy heightened visibility through various digital and physical marketing channels.


Networking and Relationship Building Icon

Utilize the platform for networking with existing and potential clients, fostering long-term relationships, and engaging with influential decision-makers.


Industry Insights and Knowledge Sharing

Participate in scientific discussions, master workshops, and interactive sessions. This exchange of insights helps foster industry advancement and provides an opportunity to position your brand as a thought leader in the aesthetic medicine field.

Sponsor & Exhibitor Opportunities

Connect, Influence, and Grow: Navigating the Pathway to Aesthetic Medicine’s Future.

Sponsorship Application Process

In order to become a sponsor or an exhibitor at the Canadian Aesthetics Congress 2024, please follow the steps below:


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